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The Spenic Endura tape range is manufactured in the UK to exacting standards and quality control to offer optimum performance.

We offer a range of single and double-sided adhesive tapes to suit differing applications, from print finishing, banner repairs through to specialist PH Neutral book glue for bookbinding and restoration.

These are available in a selection of adhesive and non-adhesive variants in standard sizes and can be manufactured to specific widths and lengths if required.

Tapes made from Tyvek®:
Our Tyvek® non-adhesive tapes used extensively in the restoration field are made from graphics grade material.  Application for these Tyvek tape covers bookbinding restoration, document repair, and hem sealing.

Spenic Endura adhesive tapes:
The Spenic Endura range of strong adhesive tape is all manufactured in the UK and delivers the highest standards of performance and durability in bookbinding. The range includes single and double-sided options and a pH neutral white tape.

Banner Finishing Items:

We also offer banner finishing materials such as adhesive re-inforcement grommets, hole punches and edging tapes.

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