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Translucent Inkjet Tracing Papers

This is our high-quality, medium-weight inkjet tracing paper suitable for printing purposes with almost all types of inkjet printers. It’s a highly versatile tracing paper with a smooth surface and minimum transparency. The uniform composition of the paper gives exceptional transparency; this enhances the opacity and print quality of various architectural drawings, CAD overlays, and draft works. The 90GSM translucent inkjet tracing paper delivers performance in a wide range of printing applications such as inkjet printing, sketching and drawing work. This tracing paper has a traditional grayish appearance.


  • Media Type: Plan Print / Tracing Paper
  • Finish: Translucent
  • Weight: 90gsm
  • Print options: Inkjet / CAD – Pen & Pencil

Choose from a variety of 90GSM Inkjet printing tracing papers. Feel free to get in touch if you have any requirements or want to know more. Contact us today!!