Bayer Makrofol® DE 7-2 – 250 micron

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Makrofol DE 7-2 000000 glare free and scratch resistant film has been developed especially for critical graphic applications to minimize pin holing.

The surface combination of Makrofol DE 7-2 000000 is one side velvet and one side very fine matte. The main strengths of Makrofol include high heat resistance, impressive toughness and elasticity over a wide temperature range.

As with any product, use of Makrofol DE 7-2 000000 in a given application must be tested by the user to determine suitability. Typical applications include automotive, labels, control panels, membrane switches, nameplates, light diffusion, packaging and automotive interior decoration.

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Colour: Opaque
Sheet Size: 610mm x 915mm
Pack Quantity: 100 sheets
Micron: 250
Texture: one side velvet, one side matte
Scratch resistant: Yes
Glare free: Yes
Printable: Yes (standard inks, screen or digital)


Control panels
Membrane switches
Light diffusion
Automotive interior decoration


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