Makrofol® DE 1-1 CC – 175 micron (100 sheets) – Clear – 610mm x 915mm

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  • Colour: clear
  • Transparency: high
  • Texture: gloss both sides
  • Size: 610mm x 915mm
  • Number of sheets: 100
  • Micron: 175 micron
  • Optical quality: high
  • Printable: yes (standard inks, screen or digital)

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  • Nameplates
  • Panels
  • Medical packaging
  • Automotive
  • Labels
  • Thermoform packaging

Makrofol DE 1-1

Makrofol DE 1-1 comprises excellent transparence with high optical quality.

The surface texture of Makrofol DE 1-1 is both sides gloss, and both sides also have a protective masking. The main strengths of Makrofol include high heat resistance, impressive toughness and elasticity over a wide temperature range.

Makrofol films can be formed hot, and enable top-quality printing with standard inks using either screen or digital printing.

Typical applications include nameplates, panels, medical packaging, automotive, labels and thermoform packaging.

Makrofol DE 1-1 is a clear general purpose polycarbonate film that delivers superior impact and clarity. This standard product offers a gloss surface on both sides

Makrofol DE 1-1 is supplied with cling ( c ) masking.

Product comparison:

  • Compares to GE Lexan 8010 Film. (Gloss-Gloss)

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