Spenic Endura+ double sided high strength acrylic self adhesive tape (30mm x 50m)

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Width: 30mm
Length: 50m
Outer: Si – paper, white, both sides silicone coated
Weight: 130 g/m²
Coat Weight: 70 g/m² (excluding liner)


Other Specification:
Base Media: Polyester film, transparent
Thickness: 23 micron
Adhesive Type: solvent acrylic adhesive system
Total Thickness: 0,16mm
Tack: J.Dow No 14
Peel Adhesion: PSTC – 3 2.0 kg / 25mm
Shear Strength: PSTC – 7 Over 72 hrs with 1.0 kg loading on 25mm x 25mm
Temperature Resistance – 10°C to +80°C

Spenic Endura+ is a double sided and high strength polyester adhesive tape specifically designed for extreme applications.

Created using a specially modified acrylic adhesive. The tape media is highly transparent, forming a
virtually invisible bond line based on a high stability polyester film.

The strength of the product film carrier ensures it will not snap during make up/assembly process and is designed to provide high adhesion to bases such as nylon and PET based cloths.

– The acrylic adhesive is resistant to build up on the needle where seam stitching is required
– Both adhesive and carrier are highly resistant to UV, sea spray, algae and fungal growth
– Both Adhesive and film are non-yellowing

Additional information

Media Weight



Endura Tape

Media Type

Adhesive Tape, Double Sided Adhesive Tape, High Strength


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