Spenic Endura – double sided self adhesive tape (30mm x 50m)

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Width: 30mm
Length: 50m
Outer: Si – paper, white, both sides silicone coated
Weight: 130 g/m²
Coat Weight: 70 g/m² (excluding liner)
Base Media: Polyester film, transparent
Thickness: 23 micron
Adhesive Type: solvent acrylic adhesive system
Total Thickness: 0,16mm
Tack: J.Dow No 14
Peel Adhesion: PSTC – 3 2.0 kg / 25mm
Shear Strength: PSTC – 7 Over 72 hrs with 1.0 kg loading on 25mm x 25mm
Temperature Resistance – 10°C to +80°C


Double sided self-adhesive tape with thin non-woven tissue, impregnated with a specially designed solvent acrylic adhesive system.

Spenic Endura tape has tremendous initial adhesion to most substrates. It will bond to metal, ceramic, glass, paper, board, plastic, fabric and many more surfaces.

Very good on UV varnished board.

Additional information

Media Type

Adhesive Tape, Double Sided Adhesive Tape

Specialist Tapes

Banner sealing tape, Double side adhesive

Media Weight



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