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Sewing Hard Structure Tyvek@ – Type 10

  • Use 3-5 stitches/inch (1.2-2 stitches/cm) at low tension to eliminate skipping.
  • Use #306 (Union Special) or #14 (Singer) needle, or equivalent.
  • Use a flat tipped needle that cuts slit-like perforations. “Rock Point” (Union Special) or “Narrow Wedge” (Singer) will permit top speed operation with the same thread used for round-point needles.
  • The informal industry standard of 25/4 tex (24/4cc) glace thread of short staple cotton in #14 and #036 needles have given satisfactory performance in outdoor banners when coupled with 16.5/3 tex (36/6cc) soft looper thread.
  • If smaller diameter thread is required, 14.5/4 tex (40/4cc) glace thread of “Sak” quality should provide satisfactory results.

Sewing Fabric Tyvek Styles – Type 14 and Type 16 Guidance