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Spenic print media supports CRISIS through its Tyvek recycling programme

Registered Charity numbers: E&W1082947, SCO40094


Crisis is the national charity for homeless people. Through life-changing employment, housing and wellbeing services, they support people who are at risk of homelessness, sleeping rough, or living in unstable accommodation, to leave homelessness behind permanently. Using research and direct experience with their members, they campaign for the political commitment and social changes needed to make homelessness in Britain a thing of the past.

The Spenic Tyvek® recycling programme is supporting Crisis to deliver vital services to over 10,000 homeless people at Crisis’s 11 Skylight centres across the year. Crisis Skylight centres provide innovative education, employment, housing and wellbeing services to help people leave homeless behind for good. Coaches and tutors carefully address everyone’s needs, giving them the tools they need to find work, accommodation and positive wellbeing.

Spenic donates the funds raised through the issue of Tyvek® collections bags to Crisis to help their vital work in supporting homeless people

Crisis staff understand that each person’s homelessness is different. At Skylight centres, progression coaches work one-on-one with members to help them identify solutions to their homelessness and leave it behind.

This can include helping members to access relevant training opportunities and educational courses delivered at our Skylight centres. Accredited learning at Crisis Skylight centres can include:

  • core subjects such as Literacy, Maths and IT
  • vocational courses such as painting and decorating
  • wellbeing activities such as yoga, Wing Chun and boxing
  • visual arts and theatre, including hat-making, painting and drama.

Coaches work with members to help them improve their physical and mental wellbeing, either through one-on-one counselling sessions or group sessions. Improving an individual’s social network is also vital to improving their overall wellbeing, and evening events, informal social groups and member zones provide opportunities for people to make life-changing connections.

Gaining work is central to finding a sustainable route out of homelessness; having a job brings financial stability, independence and self-respect. Crisis’s Employment services help people find and keep jobs by offering access to education, employability training and grants. Crisis offers personalised support to help people set and reach their goals around work, and also run their own social enterprises such as cafes and shops which offer people on-the-job training.

Coaches support clients throughout their journey into employment, from CV writing to interview practice and help buying smart work clothes. Coaches will also work with clients who are looking to find a settled home, helping members to explore past experiences of renting and to address any barriers that might prevent them from moving into independent accommodation.

Crisis knows that homelessness can be ended, and what it will take to get there. In 2017-18 Crisis was able to support 784 people into work, 2,556 to achieve improved wellbeing and 832 people into accommodation, and Spenic is delighted to support Crisis to end homelessness for more people across Britain in 2019.

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