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Tracing Paper / Plan Print Paper

Plan Print Tracing paper in Roll & Sheet Format

67gsm, 90gsm and 112gsm available

This recyclable, highly calendared paper is made from chlorine-free wood pulp with low levels of chlorinated dioxin and furans to provide good archival qualities.

Recommended for CAD Printing this product is also suitable for Manual Drafting & Drawing as well as Laser (PPC) Printers & Copiers

In addition, it is pH neutral and accelerated aging tests show that this product has a life expectancy in excess of 100 years if used and stored correctly.

Environmental considerations:

Spenic tracing paper is naturally transparent and is made from 100 % pure cellulose fibre without the use of transparentising chemicals.

Unlike resin-impregnated translucent paper, this product is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. It is manufactured from Elemental Chlorine Free and Total Chlorine Free wood pulp from well managed and renewable forest sources that have been certified as FSC or FSC controlled wood.

The 67gsm 90gsm and 112gsm tracing papers are acid free and non-ageing with a completely uniform makeup for exceptional high-quality transparency and a smooth surface. Suitable for pencil and ink.

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