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Tyvek® By The Metre

£4.76£13.79 (Ex VAT)

Select your Tyvek® style effortlessly from the dropdown menu:

  • Type:
    • Choose from Paper Styles (1057D, 1073D & 1082D) – 1050mm wide
    • Fabric Styles (1442R & 1473R) – 1524mm wide (sent folded)
    • Metalized Silver (Single Sided) Style – 1017mm wide
    • Yellow (Double Sided) Style – 1300mm wide
  • Colour Options:
    • White
    • Yellow
    • Metalized Silver

Tailor your Tyvek® to your needs with precision in style, width, and color.


Discover the versatility of Tyvek® with our range of grades tailored to suit various applications, spanning from the realms of fashion, textile design, artwork, and printing to robust industrial uses.

Explore the possibilities with our convenient offering of Tyvek® by the meter. Each grade, including the distinctive 1057D, 1073D, and 1082D paper styles, is carefully packaged and sent to you rolled in a tube. For wider fabric grades like 1442R and 1473R, they are neatly folded for easy dispatch.

Whether you’re diving into craft projects, experimenting with hot textiles, exploring bead making, engaging in the delicate art of origami, or delving into preservation techniques, Tyvek® has you covered.

Please note that the paper styles are sent in tubes, ensuring their pristine condition upon arrival. In contrast, our fabric styles are thoughtfully folded for efficient posting. Should you desire a longer continuous sheet, simply order more than one item, and we’ll ensure your order arrives as a single item measuring 1.524 meters wide by the number of meters you’ve purchased. Unleash your creativity with Tyvek®—where innovation meets possibility.

Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 21 × 20 × 0.03 cm


Media Weight


Media Type

Fabric Style, Paper Style, Tyvek


DuPont Tyvek, Tyvek


Tyvek Fabric Style, Tyvek Paper Style

Roll Width

1.05, 1.524



Tyvek Style

1057D, 1073D, 1082D, 1442R, 1473R, 1622E

Tyvek by the Metre

55gsm Silver Single Sided (1057D), 55gsm (1057D), 75gsm (1073D), 105gsm (1082D), 42gsm Fabric (1442R), 73gsm Fabric (1473R), Metalized Silver Single Sided 42gsm Fabric (1442R), Metalized Silver Single Sided 105gsm (1082D), Yellow Double Sided 75gsm (1073D), 55gsm Black Single Sided (1057D)


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