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Reemay 2024 71gsm Rolls – 102cm Wide

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Uncover the technical prowess of Reemay 2024:

Applications for Conservators: For conservators, Reemay proves invaluable in various tasks such as paper infill, drying support media, lining, interleaving, and backing. Its remarkable resilience allows it to be laundered and reused, standing out as a more fibrous alternative to Hollytex, with pricing reflecting extended calendaring during manufacture.

Versatile Beyond Conservation: Beyond conservation, Reemay finds applications across industries due to its structural resilience to temperature, water, acids, and chemicals.

Material Specifications:

  • Product Code: 492-2024
  • Colour: Natural White
  • Weight: 71gsm
  • Micron: 0.30mm
  • Colour(s): Natural, White
  • Material: PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate)
  • Width: 1020mm
  • Length: Customizable

Features & Benefits:

  • High Permeability: Ensuring effective performance.
  • High Stiffness and Strength MD/CD: Providing robust support for pleated filters for over three decades.
  • Bi-constituent Fibre Media: Thermally bonded, eliminating the need for point bonds, enhancing filtration efficiency.
  • Trilobal Fibres: With 25% more surface area than competitor media, offering superior filtration properties and increased dirt-holding capacity.
  • 100% PET Spunbonded Media: Exhibiting high temperature and chemical resistance.

Experience the technical excellence of Reemay 2024—a material designed to meet the highest standards in conservation and beyond.


DuPont™ Tyvek® 42gsm Fabric Rolls (1442R)


Introducing Reemay 2024 71gsm Rolls—your versatile solution for preservation and conservation. Reemay, an acid-free, random-spunbonded 100% polyester, is now available in rolls of variable lengths, providing even greater flexibility for your specific needs.

With a legacy of proven strength and inert qualities, Reemay stands as a reliable choice for preservation and conservation methods. Whether it’s retaining its physical properties when wet or maintaining dimensional stability during shifts in humidity, Reemay consistently delivers.

For conservators, Reemay 2024 proves indispensable in various applications, such as paper infill for drying support media, lining, interleaving, and backing. Its ability to withstand laundering ensures longevity, and while it is more fibrous than Hollytex, the pricing reflects its meticulous calendaring during manufacture.

Beyond conservation, Reemay 2024 finds relevance in diverse fields due to its structural resilience to temperature, water, acids, and other chemicals. Elevate your preservation practices and explore the broader applications of Reemay 2024—your steadfast partner in resilience and versatility.

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Roll Length (Metres)

1, 5, 10, 25


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