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90gsm Pure Ribbed Kraft Paper Sheets

Spenic offers a range of Pure Ribbed Kraft paper in sheets sizes from A4 to SRA2.

These papers are MG (Machnie Glazed) on one side for enhanced protection.

Our Pure Ribbed Kraft paper is 90GSM and is of the highest quality. Pure Ribbed Kraft paper provides good tear-resistant and is suitable for wrapping and packaging requirements, capable of handling fragile items alongside medium and heavy-duty paper wrapping applications.

Ideal for commercial wrapping or interleaving requirements or for shop front or parcel / gift presentations.

All About Kraft Paper:

Kraft paper is a special quality of paper designed to have greater tear, burst and wet strength than normal papers. The best quality of Kraft paper is Pure Ribbed Kraft and that is the one that Spenic supply in sheet format which is converted in our own facility, Spenic Converters, in Alton Hampshire.

These are some of the question we are asked frequently about Spenic Pure Ribbed Kraft Paper:

  • Is Kraft Paper environmentally friendly? – All of our Pure Kraft paper is sourced from sustainable forests as well as being fully recyclable after use.
  • Why the “Pure” is important when selecting Kraft Paper? – Pure Kraft paper is not weakened by short fibres introduced by waste element.
  • What is the ribbing for? The paper has stronger tear resistance in the direction of the rib.
  • What does MG stand for? MG is a term used standing for Machine Glazed on one side of the paper. This is used for the outer side of the paper and is more impervious to damaged that the inner side.
  • What is the difference between imitation Kraft Paper and Pure Kraft Paper? – Imitation Kraft Paper is made of part or all recycled materials. This paper does not have the same robustness ad Pure Kraft Paper and some has very poor or low strength and protective qualities.
  • Can Kraft be recycled? Yes, Kraft Paper can be recycled in the normal paper recycling stream and we always source material generated from sustainable forests.

We can manufacture bespoke sheet sizes to meet all requirements and produce Kraft paper coils for industrial applications. Please contact us to find out how we can assist.