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Silicone Coated Paper

High Quality Silicone Coated Paper – 100GSM

Spenic supplies high quality silicone coated paper which can be used to prevent excess adhesive sticking to other surfaces and press platen, irons or hot tables.

Silicone coated paper is a great protection media useful when preparing glued craft pieces and single sided laminations.

This is an ideal surface when creating complex glued pieces. Simply create your works, gluing the individual pies and when the glue is dry peel them free from the non-stick surface.


The paper is 100gsm (90gsm paper, 10gsm silicone)
Single sided silicone coating
Coating is 100% solvent free silicone

Silicone Paper Application:

Silicone release paper provides an effective barrier against water and most solvents, and is an effective release liner for aggressive and aqueous adhesives.

Available formats:

20 x A4 Sheets of Silicone Coated Craft Paper

20 x A3 Sheets of Silicone Coated Craft Paper

20 x A4 Sheets of Silicone Coated Craft Paper

1 x roll of 512mm wide x 5M Silicone Coated Craft Paper

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