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Banner Ups® Adhesive Grommets

Banner Ups® Adhesive Grommets & Tapes

Banner Ups® products allow you to create super-strong banners instantly at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional grommeting. Get the Banner Ups® adhesive banner grommets for all your banner creation and printing. Banner Ups®, PowerTabs®, and EdgeTabs® are stronger than grommets because they spread the stress of high winds over a much larger area.

Banners made with Banner Ups® sustained wind tunnel tests of 50-70 miles per hour! Banner Ups aren’t just for banners! Use Banner Ups® adhesive banner grommets tabs anytime you need a fastener for plastic film, posters, or lightweight board.

You can also have a look at our extensive range of other graphics media and print finishing supplies offered at attractive prices. Kindly contact us and find out more about our products and services!

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