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DuPont™ Tyvek® DigiGo™ (for HP Indigo Printers)

Tyvek® DigiGo™ – Vibrant Printing with Tyvek®

We are pleased to offer for sale Tyvek® DigiGo™ specifically coated Tyvek® for HP indigo printers.

Tyvek® DigiGo™ enables the production of high-quality print output from HP indigo, 5900, 7900, 10,000 and 12000 series printers.

Tyvek® DigiGo™ coated Tyvek® benefits from the unique strength and durability of coated Tyvek®. Each sheet is coated on one side with a formula specifically created for the HP Indigo print technology.

The refined print surface presents a uniform print profile, enhanced colour production, water-resistance and strength. Place your order coated Tyvek for HP indigo printers online from us.

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