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Flame Retardant Print Media

Flame Retardant Treated – Paper – Tyvek® – Wallpaper

Driven by the needs of our clients we continue to expand our flame retardant coated media range and associated products for use in areas where stringent fire regulations apply.

Spenic offers an expanding range of product options that enable our customers to utilise products from Paper, Tyvek® through to exhibition stand polyesters, printable wallpaper substrate and PVC in line with Fire Safety regulations.

If you require a media coating with flame retardant protection please get in touch so we can discuss your requirements.

If you need to colour any of our media yourself we would advise the use of our Flame Retardant paint to achieve this. Our tins of flame retardant paint can be supplied in 2.5 or 10 litre cans. (full colour chart available)

Flame retardant Tyvek product range post

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